Skills That Every Lawyer Should Have

Commercial law firms are quite specific about what they want from potential recruits, such as a consistent academic record and experience.

However, academic achievement is only half of the tale. They want to see a variety of additional attributes in addition to your marks on paper. We’ve compiled a top ten list to assist you on your journey.

1. Appropriate motivation and knowledge

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2. High ethical standards and a grasp of the legal system

You should have learned about this in law school, but you should undertake more research to demonstrate that you grasp the subject completely. If you are not studying law, you will have to conduct your own research. This is a fantastic place to begin.

3. Self-assurance and excellent interpersonal abilities

You may possess this in spades, but it is a good idea to include some extracurricular activities on your CV to demonstrate this before the employer has met with you. Examples include societal leadership positions, debating/mooting, and theatrical shows.

Why should you consider a legal career?

4. A wide range of long-term interests that reflect a high level of accomplishment

Academics and a passion for the law are vital, but you’ll need to demonstrate a broader range of interests to stand out. Companies are seeking for the greatest, most interesting, and engaged employees.

5. Personal initiative and accountability

Compile a list of examples that show both of these abilities. It is beneficial to have a variety of examples to utilize in interviews and application processes, including those from university, work, and social situations.

A glimpse inside the world of commercial law

6. Business awareness

All law firms are companies, and their mission is to assist other businesses in resolving commercial challenges. This is a must-do and, unfortunately, an area where graduates frequently fall short. It’s critical that you keep up with current events and can express your thoughts on topics that interest you. Set up Google alerts for the companies you’re considering so you’ll be notified whenever a new news or deal is published.

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7. Ability to negotiate and manage projects

A degree can help you with this because most of them require group work at some point, but it’s always a good idea to have some experience outside of your degree.

8. Pay close attention to details

All trainee solicitors are obliged to do this. Top tip: double-check all of your application materials for problems! Even the tiniest error can be detrimental.

9. Understanding the firm and demonstrating your suitability for it

Why did you choose one firm over another? Because companies pride themselves on what sets them apart from the competition, template applications should be avoided. This could be due to their expertise, culture, global reach, or corporate social responsibility programs. It is critical that you conduct study, determine which option is best for you, and, most importantly, have sound arguments for your decision.

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10. Language abilities are advantageous.

This isn’t required, but it will help your application stand out. So discover ways to keep any skills you gained at school or through travel during your time at university. Do you want to get a jump on your applications? Look through our legal CV templates.