Choose The Right Glassware

How do you plan the glassware for your event?

There are more than ten types of standard glassware that can be used for private and corporate events. Our experts provide insight into the various types of glassware, their uses, and how to select the right quantity and type of glassware for your event.

What are the Different Types Of Glassware?

Many types of glassware are perfect for private and professional functions. We can help you choose the right Arnold & Walker glassware package for you. This is a quick overview of the various types of glassware that are available.

Wine glasses: Classic, Cabernet, White Wine and Red Wine, Crystal, Burgundy, Bordeaux, and more

Wine comes in many styles, flavors, and colors. It is only natural that wine glasses need to be able to match the beverage being held. You should select the correct type of wine glass for the wine on your event menu. For example, if you are serving a white wine, then a classic crystal white wine glass will be perfect. Red wines have complex flavor profiles that require lots of airflows. Choose the right style of wine glass for your drink menu. A Burgundy, for instance, will need a different glass shape than a Bordeaux. Red wine glasses tend to be smaller and rounder than white wine glasses.

Your caterer or bartender can recommend the best wine glasses shape and style for you based on the wine menu. Also, make sure you get at least one red wine and one white wine glass to ensure that your guests are able to enjoy all the wine flavors.

Champagne glasses: Flutes and Coupes, Saucers

Champagne glasses are typically tall with a slender stem. With its long, elongated shape and curved edges, the glass allows alcohol to breathe while allowing bubbles to rise to the surface. A classic crystal flute will give your event an elegant, timeless feel. However, modern curved champagne glass or round saucer will add a contemporary touch.

Crystal is used to making champagne glasses. This material is unrivaled in clarity and transparently, allowing the full flavor, color, and vibrancy of champagne to be seen. For added flair and interest, you can choose from a standard or cut glass.

A classic champagne flute is the best choice if you only have one champagne glass to choose from. You can make a champagne tower by adding a coupe saucer to your choice of two champagne flutes. If you choose to have three styles, go for a cut crystal that is distinctively elegant.

Cocktail glasses: Martini, Margarita, and Pina Colada. Hurricane, Sling, Speakeasy

There are many options for cocktail sets. The best drink is one that lets the alcohol breathe and has the right shape and length for its components. Margarita glasses, for instance, have a double-bowl design that allows you to add salt or sugar to the rim. The long stem will also allow your guests to hold the glass without causing heat to the drink.

It is important to choose the style of cocktail glass that suits your drink menu. Typically, you should first select the menu and then have the bartender suggest the glasses that will match it. You will need cocktail glasses as well as equipment to make cocktails, such as shakers and strainers, as well as cocktail sticks.

Shot glasses

There are many types of shot glasses. However, they tend to be thicker than others so they won’t break if they are thrown onto the bar by the drinker. The typical shot glass you would see in a bar at a party in the short shot. These glasses can be used to drink straight shots of liquor or shaken and strained shooters. Tall shot glasses are used to show off specialty shots with layers of alcohol, and there are a variety of specialist shot glasses available, including Tequila shot glasses, curved shot glasses, and even disco shot glasses with colorful and fun styling.

It’s important to let your bartender recommend the best shot glass for your drink menu. Depending on the type of drink you are serving, you might only require a standard shot glass.

Collins Glasses, Hi-Balls, and Tumblers

Collins glasses, tumblers, and hi-balls are tall glasses that can be used to mix drinks over ice. Collins glasses or hi-ball glasses are popular for mixing cocktails such as Long Island Ice Tea and Bloody Mary. You will only need to provide hi-ball glasses for your guests if you are serving cocktails that are best sipped from this type of glass — ask your bartender for their advice on whether or not a hi-ball is required.

Glasses for Tasting

If you are putting on a wine tasting event, you should hire ISO standard tasting glasses, which are the industry standard for wine tasting. A Glencairn spirit tasting cup or crystal tasting glasses can be purchased for whisky lovers.

Polycarbonate (Plastic Glasses)

Reusable polycarbonate glasses are better than disposable glass if you’re hosting an outdoor event. They are stylish and elegant and can be reused many times. There are many styles of polycarbonate glasses, such as hi-balls and champagne flutes.

How many glasses should I hire?

Even though no event planner wishes to foresee breakage or loss of glassware, it is possible. Arnold & Walker provides glasses in crates that can hold 20, 40, or 60 glasses, depending on which type. We recommend you plan for at least five drinks ahead of time and have at least three additional crates for each guest attending your event.