Buyer’s Guide Of The 13 Best PlayStation 4 Controllers

Sony’s DualShock 4 control for the play station 4 is still just really a nice gamepad. However, there are lots of gamers out there who prefer choices. Our set of those 1 3 PS-4 Controllers ought to be the most spot to begin your search.

Amongst our selections wireless and are all both wired PS-4 controllers. The previous is targeted for drama. There are models that contain wires as an alternative to provide a price point that is less expensive. Therefore if you are out there to get a brand fresh gambling control to the PlayStation 4, then Take a Look at our listing below together with all the 1-3 Most Useful PS-4 Controls:

Controller Customizer Play-station 4 Pro Rapidfire Modded Wireless Controller


  • You are going to find yourself a competitive advantage thanks to this mod that is overburdened.
  • Employs the DualShock 4 casing therefore that it seems like Sony’s official control.
  • 12 months warranty on the modchip.
  • Controller Customizer simply uses new factory sealed controls inside their own mods.


  • A little bit of a dull layout.
  • Even the modded controller can possibly be considered unethical for a.
  • It will not have cables or other accessories.

The offering from Controller Customizer is a casing of the DualShock 4 however modded to offer players a bit of assistance of this play station 4. It might perhaps well not be one of the control in the marketplace for gambling that is competitive, however, it should aid the ones that want a leg up.

Controller Customizer says their Guru rapid fire Modded Wireless Controller has features like automobile location rapid-fire, leap location, drop shot, and automobile burst. It has got a blue and black appearance, and also most importantly of all, they guarantee which the gadget is 100% invisible on the play station Network.


  • Beautiful design all around.
  • Provides an established edge over conventional controls.
  • Sub-panel having a Lot of attributes.
  • It includes a headset jack and also touchpad functionality.


  • Steep decal price.
  • The rectangular layout can hinder movement sometimes.
  • Wired, however, that is clearly a requisite in settings that are competitive.

If you choose your fighting games that the Hori Fighting Commander play-station 4 liter Controller is not likely to cut it sounds just as if you should grad until the striking Hori Fighting Edge Arcade Fighting Stick. The rod contains the Hori Original Hayabusa Joystick that guarantees a reduction in your own control’s input latency. It has Hayabusa buttons that comprise edges for implementation and improved texture. Plus they truly are thinner than buttons to get actuation and answer.

The control is 7.7 lbs, therefore that you won’t shed equilibrium when wailing off on the switches. Plus it’s definitely gorgeous with the brushed aluminum finish along with joystick matte finish of the casing. If you aren’t employing the Hori Fighting Edge Arcade Fighting Stick throughout your competitive struggles, you are fighting a disadvantage.

Hori Light and Little Cherry Play-station 4 Controller


  • Insanely small and light which makes it perfect for kids and more compact gamers.
  • Glossy and blank white style and layout.
  • Ideal for PlayStation emulation.
  • Readily available in crimson, blueblack too.


  • No headset jack or light pub.
  • No motion vibration or detectors.
  • No more TouchPad.
  • Maybe not readily offered wireless.

If you should be searching for something radically distinct from Sony’s DualShock 4, then Hori offers you covered just as before making use of their Hori Light and Little Wired play-station 4 Controller. The control is excellent for kids or gamers. And it lights at a bodyweight of simply .26 lbs.

Hori has seen the headset interface pub, motion detectors, along with vibration functionality to continue to retain the control small and light. There isn’t any touchpad though you may mimic its media with a button installed on the base of the gamepad.

Little Wired play-station 4 Controller and the Hori Light will not be for every game, however, because of the intended audience, it needs to end up being a flawless fit.

ISHAKO Wireless Play-station 4 Controller


  • Compatible across Play-station 4, Playstation3, and PC.


  • Odd design options for your Square, Triangle, Circle, and X switches.
  • Just 5 to 6 hrs of battery lifetime.
  • Merely a 30day warranty on its own warranty.

ISHAKO’s Wireless play station Controller that is 4 is among the caliber available on the market’s DualShock 4 alternatives. It touts most of the normal features of this DualShock 4 (touch-pad, double vibration, 3.5-millimeter headset jack, share button, etc.. ) yet in a fraction of the price tag.

It includes a coating of paint which gives an aquatic or theme. There life. And there exists an appropriate grasp using a nondesign.

Stoga Wireless Play-station 4 Controller


  • Non slip feel is a wonderful touch.
  • Play-station 4, Playstation3, and PC compatibility.


  • Really small lighting pub.
  • Small TouchPad.
  • No more EXT port.

The Stoga Wireless play-station 4 Controller sport a design which will make fans of this x box One gamepad joyful. Additionally, it features a grip on both the grips to guarantee you will not shed control of the control throughout 23, texturing.

The touchpad is to the smallish side, however, it’s clickable and supports multitouch. The lightbar is usual however it’s there. The control includes 6-axis motion detectors built in addition to a 3.5millimeter audio jack for the mic and headset.

DoinMaster Wireless Play-station 4 Controller


  • Powerful wireless signal covering up to 25 feet.
  • 3.5millimeter audio jack with headset support.


  • You are going to Have to link to a PS-4 using a USB to initialize.
  • 6 to 2 hrs of battery lifetime is leaner compared to most.
  • No particular warranty said. Listing notes to get DoinMaster together having problems.

The Wireless play-station Controller that is 4 of DoinMaster does not look like all that different compared to the conventional of the system DualShock 4. Yet you will find certainly always a couple whistles and bells supporting the scenes which offer a small border to it.

The control includes a battery life of 6 to 2 hours. DoinMaster touts a design helping to make it comfortable to grip. And you have the capacity to utilize the apparatus across play-station 4, ps3, and your computer. Before considering the price tag on this hardware, that will be about $15 to $20 more expensive compared to the play station 4 control we state that all.

J&TOP Wireless Play-station 4 Controller


  • The Majority of exactly the exact Exact attributes as the DualShock 4.
  • Compatible across Play-station 4, Playstation3, and PC.


  • Lacking the DualShock 4 EX T port.
  • No integral speaker.

This Wireless play-station 4 Controller out of J&TOP is just one of the least expensive models in this particular list at under $30. To be able to reach that price point, yet there skimping of features. It sports the exact features as the DualShock 4. Though J&TOP admits they will have seen the speaker because games make use of it.

The control maintains analog sticks and triggers. And also the base of the 2 grips are textured to ensure a good grasp. Additionally, it is compatible with PC, ps3, and play-station 4, which means it can be used by you.

Custom PS-4 Controller

Finding a modded controller for PS4 may set you. And we’ve got a couple of options here to select from. This Sades PS-4 Controller gives customization options that’ll ensure comfort-ability throughout your gameplay sessions. Asis your Controller Customizer play-station 4 Guru rapid-fire Modded Wireless Controller that ensures you get the drop on your opponents.

PS-4 Controller Inexpensive

Sony’s First Party offering might be pretty pricey. Therefore, should you require control on the economical, we have you! There are options on this particular list that may get one of those PS 4 controllers. And there is this Kogoda Wireless play-station 4 Controller Bundle which provides you two controls for a sensible price.

PS-4 Controller Charger

Essentially each of the options in our PS 4 Controllers list comes, as is common nowadays. Fortunately, the demand for AA batteries might be considered a thing of yesteryear.

PS-4 Controller Wired

In a competitive setting, controls offer a definitive advantage over their electrical counterparts. There. We have a couple of alternatives to satisfy your demands.

Even the Nacon Revolution Guru is definitely a great option throughout the board and can be wired for competitive drama with. However you will find wired PS-4 controls also Which Are Best for combating lovers at the Hori Fighting Edge Arcade Fighting Stick, the Hori Fighting Commander Play-station 4 liter Controller, and also the Hori Light and Little Cherry Play-station 4 Controller.