Coffee Tables That Will Look Good For Every Type Of Home

From a location to exhibit your most elegant books and souvenirs to a casual tabletop for homework, game night, and dinner in front of the TV, the appropriate coffee table offers a variety of purposes. We’ve spent the last five years researching and testing coffee tables from the most well-known household brands, analyzing quality, size, durability, and installation ease.

The greatest coffee tables for every style and budget are listed here.

Floyd Home Furnishings

Floyd is recognized for its American-made modular furniture, and the company offers simple yet attractive coffee tables that you can personalize to fit your area. The table comes with powder-coated aluminum legs and a birch plywood top, and you can choose between a 34-inch circle or a 59 x 19-1/2-inch oval. Aside from the shape, there are a few more options for personalizing the look of your coffee table. The surface is available in two finishes: birch or walnut, while the legs are available in black or white.

The beautiful bone and resin inlay on the Targua Moroccan Coffee Table will make a bold statement in your living area. The table is made of tropical hardwood and supported by a hammered antique brass base, with a handcrafted bone inlay pattern on the tabletop. The circular table comes in three sizes—30, 36, or 45 inches in diameter—and is available in teal or charcoal resin.


It’s no surprise that this top-rated coffee table is so popular because it’s both inexpensive and elegant. The Laguna Table has an industrial air thanks to its wood and metal design, and it comes in a range of wood treatments, including gray and bleached, to match your decor. The table measures 48 by 24 inches and features a large lower shelf for displaying knickknacks or storing your favorite periodicals. The base is made of steel with X-shaped accents on either side, and the top is built of solid wood, despite the product’s low price.

The Marisol Coffee Table, made of naturally colored woven rattan, will give any home an airy bohemian flair. It has a flat surface with rounded corners and two sizes to select from. The larger one measures 44 inches in length, while the smaller one measures 22 inches. If you acquire both sizes, you may nest them together to make a unique display.

The lift-top design of this beautiful mid-century coffee table allows you to utilize it as a desk or eating area while seated on the couch. The asymmetrical design is comprised of real eucalyptus wood and engineered wood with a marble slab on one side, and you may opt for a single or double pop-up depending on your preferences. The table has a lovely walnut finish, and behind the pop-up top is a concealed storage space that’s ideal for hiding junk.

You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a coffee table, do you? IKEA’s LACK Coffee Table is one of the most economical solutions on the market, and its simplistic form fits well with almost any decor style. The table is 35-3/8 x 21-5/8 inches and has an open lower shelf. It comes in black or natural wood. The LACK table is built of particleboard, as you’d expect from a budget pick. As a result, it’s not the most sturdy product. However, for those on a tight budget, it’s still a fantastic deal.

The extremely famous Peekaboo Acrylic Coffee Table would look great in a modern setting. Its sleek design is 37-1/2 x 21-1/4 inches and is composed of 1/2-inch thick molded acrylic for a see-through effect. The table has a simple design with rounded edges that will make your decor appear to float in the middle of the room!

The low profile of the Bios Coffee Table makes it ideal for kicking your feet up. The contemporary design is 53 x 22 inches and features a glossy white lacquer finish with rustic wild oak accents for a striking look. The table includes an open cubby shelf on one side and a soft-close drawer on the other, all of which is supported by a black metal frame.

The GreenForest Coffee Table offers a beautiful wood and metal design for those seeking for a round choice. It also comes at an incredibly affordable price. The table has a diameter of just under 36 inches and is supported by a robust metal base with a mesh-style lower level. The table’s top is composed of waterproof and heat-resistant particleboard with a dark wood-like look, so you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged during everyday use.

Whether you use it indoors or on your patio, the Zeke Coffee Table has a unique shape that is guaranteed to get you praises. The flared silhouette features an hourglass-inspired form for added flair, and it’s made of steel wires with a black powder-coated finish. This 30-inch-diameter indoor-outdoor coffee table is great for tiny settings, but small objects may fall through the wire top. It is, nonetheless, strong enough to carry glasses, coffee table books, and other necessities.

With steel supports and a glass top, the Mecor Coffee Table has an unusual modern design. The table is 23-1/2 x 39-1/2 inches and comes in three colors. The coffee table includes a bottom glass shelf where you may display decor in addition to its stunning glass top, and the metal supports ensure that it is a robust and solid addition to your house.

With the addition of the Calluna Coffee Table, your living area will truly gleam. The drum shape of this magnificent item is excellent for a contemporary area, and it is made of hammered metal with your option of a spectacular gold or silver finish. The table is 30 inches in diameter, and the lid can be removed, allowing you to use the drum’s inside as additional storage space.


Coffee tables are made from a variety of materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Solid wood is one of the most lasting materials, but it’s also one of the most expensive and hefty, making your coffee table difficult to transport. Tables with metal bases are another long-lasting option, and the cost can be reduced by using steel instead of wood. Other popular materials are glass, which is lovely but easily breaks, and particleboard, which is inexpensive but not long-lasting.

Size and Shape

Coffee tables come in a variety of shapes—square, rectangular, round, and oval, to name a few—so have a look at a couple to determine which one appeals to you the most and fits best in your space. Rectangular or oval coffee tables work well in smaller spaces, whilst square or circular coffee tables anchor big seating areas.

There’s also the issue of selecting a coffee table that is the right size for your space and furnishings. A decent rule of thumb is that your coffee table should not be longer than two-thirds of the length of your sofa and should be the same height as the seat.


While there are many of simple, no-frills coffee tables to pick from, you might want to explore one with more features. Some coffee tables contain shelves, drawers, or other storage compartments where you can store blankets or other living room needs, while others have lift-top surfaces that can be elevated to make eating or working on them simpler.


What are the most popular coffee tables right now?

Interior design, like fashion, is no longer dominated by fads, and today’s interior designers and home decorators seek to mix styles to create unique rooms that transcend fads. A coffee table that perfectly matches your side tables or is too precious to place a drink down on is out of style. A finishing touch like a striking necklace or a bright tie may pull the whole room together or enhance a bland environment with something fashionable and unusual. That may be a geometric coffee table made of mixed or unorthodox materials, coffee table alternatives like poufs and stools, or mid-century contemporary glass-and-wood coffee tables with sculptural shapes and vintage vibes, depending on your style and what else is going on in your living area.

What is the best way to decorate a coffee table?

Depending on your mood and desire to create vignettes, there are a variety of methods to decorate a coffee table. The coffee table is a small canvas on which you may try out new methods to embellish your living space without breaking the bank or taking major creative risks. Some people like to arrange ornamental trinkets, scented candles, and potted plants with fresh or dried flowers on their coffee tables, as well as stacks of coffee table literature on subjects like art, fashion, or photography. Others prefer a sophisticated coffee table that serves as a decor object in and of itself, leaving it empty so that it may be utilized for impromptu happy hours, board games, or puzzles without having to remove away knickknacks. You can use your coffee table as a seasonal shrine, displaying tulips in the spring and winter berries during the holidays, or as a location to add decorative elements to a minimalist living space.

What is the height of a coffee table?

A coffee table’s usual height from the floor is 16 to 18 inches. This height is based on the premise that the table should be a few inches shorter than the sofa cushions, allowing the average adult to lay their drink down without having to lift a finger. Treat this amount as a guideline that will vary depending on a variety of factors, including the height of your couch and your aesthetic and comfort preferences. Some individuals prefer a low coffee table, while others want one that is flush with the sofa seat so they can rest their feet on it, and still others prefer an adjustable lift-top coffee table that allows them to vary the table’s height depending on the situation. The laws of decorating were made to be broken. Make the decision that appears and feels right to you.