Make Good First Impression With Good Looking Home Decor

Do you want to wow your guests with your sense of fashion? Make a good impression on guests and family with these home design recommendations!

1. Create an eye-catching foyer

The foyer is where your home’s personality begins. Regardless of how big or little it is, aim to create a warm and inviting environment that will wow your visitors! At the foyer, you can introduce them to your décor style and give them a preview of how the rest of the house will look.

Never have a congested doorway with shoes, slippers, bags, and other items. This foyer exemplifies how it should be done!

2. Incorporate a lot of greenery

Green plants can help to add to the décor and make it more noticeable. Choose potted plants in a variety of sizes and configurations, such as huge palms in corners, succulent arrangements on countertops and tabletops, and leafy creepers growing on the windows. An indoor vertical garden gives your home a unique and refreshing twist that your guests will adore.

3. Choose a color scheme that expresses your personality.

Choosing the proper colors for your home’s areas is an important element of your design process. As a general rule, warm, vivid, and stimulating tones should be used in family gathering areas such as the living and dining rooms. Blue, green, and violet are cool, relaxing colors that work nicely in bedrooms.

To make the most of the colours you’ve picked, you can use a two- or three-tone color palette. To generate a sense of harmony in the room, choose colors that do not conflict.

4. Take Care of the Lighting!

When it comes to making lasting first impressions, lighting is crucial. If your visitors are coming over in the evening, you may create a dramatic impression by using table lights or floor lamps to create pools of light. Warm yellow lighting is always more warm and intimate, whilst crisp white lighting is more functional and may be employed for specific activities. Above the dining table, pendant lights or a lighting tray can provide a distinctive effect.

5. Make use of mirrors

An interior designer’s closest buddy is often a mirror! They can make a dark space appear brighter or make a tiny room appear larger. Place them strategically to reflect and bounce light from a bright source or to reflect a beautiful view.

6. Create Beautiful Bathrooms

Many guests will be impressed by a well-designed bathroom and well-kept powder room, so put some extra thought into the design of your restrooms! Mirrors on the walls, dazzling tiles, and gleaming ultra-modern fixtures are a great place to start. Always keep lots of scented candles on available, as well as super-soft towels and potpourri. Plants, of course, will add the perfect finishing touch.

7. Make an investment in art.

Purchase artwork from lesser-known yet promising artists; you never know when your investment will pay off! Pick out things that speak to you at art events or design school displays. Make a large piece of art the focal point of your living space for a terrific conversation starter! In a contemporary context, simple smaller images framed in black look great.

8. Pay Attention to the Design of the Kitchen

Guests will congregate near the kitchen for a meal, and if your kitchen design is as attractive as it is efficient, your home décor will be the talk of the town. Make every effort to maintain your counters sparkling clean and your cabinets in tip-top shape, especially if your kitchen is open plan. If your kitchen is small, lighter-colored cabinetry will help to open it up and make it appear larger.

We adore this teeny-tiny galley kitchen, which is little in size but great on flavor!

9. Use a black and white palette.

We keep returning to the topic of black and white since this time-tested and proven combination can never go wrong! The timeless classic room palette will never go out of style. Consider putting up a large blackboard on one wall where you can paint graffiti or love notes for your loved ones!

10. Don’t Forget About the Guest Room!

It comes to reason that your guests’ guest rooms must be out of this world if they are to fall in love with your property. Make the guest bedroom the perfect place to unwind for the night. Create a nice space with plenty of storage and a warm and inviting bed. Don’t be afraid to include considerate tiny details that demonstrate how much you care about your visitors!